Mrs. Kristie Outlaw Reaves
6th grade teacher

Courses Taught:

6th grade

I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Collaborative Education from Troy State University. I then went on to get a Master's Degree in Elementary Education.

I have taught at Banks School for 17 years. I have taught 4-6th grade and have taught all subjects before. 

My name is Kristie Reaves and I am a 6th grade teacher at Banks where I teach Math,Science, and History. I am originally from Troy, Alabama.  I attended school in Troy, and then went on to Troy University where I  received my Bachelor and Master Degrees.  I enjoy shopping and spending time with family and friends.
Supply List

2 packages of loose-leaf, wide ruled paper

2 Boxes of Kleenex

1 3" 3 ringed binder

2 sets of subject dividers

5 1 subject notebooks

6 #2 lead pencils

6 pocket folders with prongs

2 Boxes of Ziploc Bags (1 quart and 1 gallon)

1 package of colored pencils (24 count)

1 Zipper Bag fo Pencils (should fit in binder)

1 Book Bag (optional) 

Class Schedule


7:30-7:40-Character Education, Lunch and Snack Count, Unpack and Pack bags



9:00-10:00-Social Studies/ Science/ Snack (Reaves’ Homeroom-History, Jackson’s Homeroom-Science)

10:00-11:15-Reading/ Math (Reading-Reaves’ Homeroom/Math-Jackson’s Homeroom)


11:40-12:25-Reading/Math (Reading –Reaves’ Homeroom/Math-Jackson’s Homeroom)

Switch classes

12:25-2:25-Reading/Math ( Math-Reaves’ Homeroom/

Reading-Jackson’s Homeroom)

2:25-3:10- Science/Social Studies

3:10- Car Rider Bell

3:30- Bus Rider Bell